BrutalCastings: Kacey Quinn, E43


BrutalCastings: Kacey Quinn, E43 / 03.15.2016

They grow pretty hot girls in Canada, and lovely Kacey Quinn is a living Nanaimo bar. Endlessly curvy, very pretty and with long, dark hair, Kacey hates her shitty life waiting tables. She dreams of being a famous runway model like Kendall Jenner and finds her way to our office and casting couch seeking fame, but our agent, Mr. Brick, informs Kacey that her height and tattoos will prevent a runway career. Kacey’s dreams are dashed, but Master Brick can offer an alternative…. if she wants it bad enough. He tells Kacey to strip naked so he can take photos. She removes her dress, but refuses to take off her bra and panties. Kacey stalls him, wasting his time. Mr. Brick loses his patience, grabs her wrists and ties them with rope. Next, he pulls his big cock out and stuffs it into Kacey’s frightened mouth, savagely fucking her face and making her give him a deepthroat blowjob. Oral humiliation and rope bondage is just the beginning. What bratty Kacey REALLY needs is brutal rough sex, BDSM, rough fingerfucking, involuntary orgasms… total submission! Hard doggie style pounding punctuated with hard spanks on her lovely round ass turn her buttcheeks bright pink. Kacey begs for mercy and squeals with a mixture of pleasure and pain as Mr. Brick hammers into her. A hot throat fuck finish leaves Kacey’s entire face glazed with hot cum like a Tim Horton maple donut.

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Actors: Kacey Quinn