BrutalCastings: Mila Jade E18 / #0235


BrutalCastings: Mila Jade #0235 (09.14.2015)

Mila Jade, a hot girl fresh from Senior High, rather be rich and famous modeling in bathing suits and lingerie! She sent her audition tape to the best talent agency, Teen Castings, and gets a reply. She’ll do anything to get what she wants. Her potential agent is happy with her and wants to take a few photos of her in underwear. When he tries to get her naked, explaining going nude will bring more work, she grabs her clothes. So he makes it clear: If she doesn’t obey, she will be thrown out. There’s a long line outside. Now, to even be considered, she must endure his love for BDSM, domination, rope bondage, deepthroat bj, fingering, squirting, spanking, slapping and rough sex. She left with a cum shot on her face and a gaped pussy. That doesn’t mean she’ll be famous any time soon.

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Actors: Mila Jade