ExploitedCollegeGirls: Aarin And Natalia


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Aarin And Natalia (11.10.2016

You might as well call in sick from work right now. Chances are you won’t leave your bedroom or wherever you get nasty with your ol’ self for at least a day. Maybe two. ExCoGi proudly presents you 2 of the most popular girls of all time, Aarin and Natalia in a ridiculously hot threeway that is sure to end up in your personal Favorites section. This is Natalia’s 3rd scene, and Aarin’s 2nd, and both girls get ample introductions and background info in their respective debut scenes. So no point in rehashing things here. Now for THIS scene, we need to remind you that, while Aarin – one of the kinkiest, most sex-positive girls on ExCoGi EVER – has been with girls before, for Natalia it’s pretty much the first time, at least when it comes to going all the way with another girl. Natalia’s is pretty nervous about the whole thing, but Aarin is ready to go and super excited. The girls choose toys and Aarin, a sex toy sales girl in real life, explains to Natalia what the various doodads do to lady parts. Both girls choose their weapons of choice and…well, do we really need to write down what happens next? Hint: scroll down for the preview pics. And what you see there is maybe 1/5 of the action. Speaking of, we’re really scaling down on the descriptions here. There is SO DAMN MUCH happening in ExCoGi videos – especially lately – that there’s just no way to adequately convey what’s about you to hit you over these next 90 minutes. A couple of cute highlights – besides the amazing sex, the orgasms, the anal…the ANAL ORGASMS! LOL – s when Aarin teaches surprisingly Natalia about vaginas and squirting and the G-spot. Seriously. Actually, there’s lots of behind the scenes stuff here. So excuse the occasional moving camera and associated noises. No other way to steal those little moments between the girls when they think the cameras aren’t rolling… Cocklord and all-around camera man TC is doing an incredible job juggling these two nympho hotties for us to enjoy.

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Actors: Aarin / Natalia