ExploitedCollegeGirls: Amber


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Amber 05.06.2016

Middle-Eastern mix Amber just turned 18 and here she is with that teeny skin and the crap tattoo and pierced nipples and the weirdly advanced sexual skills all these 18 year olds seem to possess these days. She’s excited, clearly. And so is Jay. How excited? He…(brace yourself!)….eats her out! Several times! If Jay licks vajayjay then that’s a sure sign he’s into the girl. And sure enough, it takes him every last ounce of self control not to cum inside that super tight teen pussy. Being the professional he is, he gets lovely Amber off about 4 times before he allows himself to unleash about a week of pent up Jay Juice straight into eager Amber’s mouth. Now if it weren’t for the little thing about Amber having a fricken boyfriend, we could see this become a regular side chick for the Jay man. Oh, who are we kidding, that never stopped the cockmeister. Watch how he slyly sets the stage for another off-camera encounter later…

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