ExploitedCollegeGirls: Amy

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ExploitedCollegeGirls: Amy (11.04.2016

22 year old Amy has traveled from distant lands (San Diego) to get fingered, fucked, and facialed by a stranger on camera today before she embarks on her career as child development expert. How does this relate? It doesn’t. There’s no reason this girl should be here. But with looks like that and sexual enthusiasm like she shows in these 72 minutes we’re super happy she is. Plus, she’s an actual college girl. So that’s nice. You know, since we used to be able to call ourselves Exploited College Girls…thanks, tuition-makin’ folks for taking THAT away from us. Anyway… Our gorgeous Amy is a “mutt” as she says: Hawaiian, Panamanian, Dominican, Mexican. That’s a great mix and in our babe’s case results in flawless skin and pretty face, combined with perfectly sized boobies and butt . Luckily for TC and us, this also means Amy has that certain energy and zest for sex we stereotypically have come to expect from our Latina ladies. In Amy’s case it’s true. She’s quiet and friendly and next-door-ish at first, but when she sucks TC’s cock in the car 5 minutes after meeting him, we know where this is going – straight to the favorites section (yes, you have one too, dear members….)And it’ll stay there for a long time because believe it or not, little fuckbunny here does anal too! Her tiny body isn’t built to take TC’s big cock in the butt too long though so there’s less ass-poking than in the last few updates. So to those 2….now 3 (!) members who complained about TOO MUCH ANAL – just skip over those 5 minutes of assfucking.

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