ExploitedCollegeGirls: Jessica


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Jessica 12.31.2015

We’ve definitely saved the best for last this year. 2015 ends with one of Ex Co Gi’s hottest, most undeniably sexy girls. She’s got slightly exotic looks, a huge set of D cup tits, remarkably accomplished BJ skills and she loves sex – on cam and off. Just watch the way her face lights up when she talks about getting banged, or sucking a dude off. She’s truly one of the best on the site. And for real fans, there’s a lovely treat: Jay manages to sneak in the amateur gynecologist joke ONE LAST TIME THIS YEAR! In fact, any super fan who has a total count of the number of times it appears in an update this year can write in for a special prize!
Happy New Year!
Obviously Jay has a thing for busty and petite girls. It’s kind of blatant by this point, but when you see the way he pounds Jessica’s tight little pussy this week or threatens to destroy her asshole (sadly, that will have to wait for 2016) you’ll be convinced. During her enthusiastic behind the scenes beej he can barely keep from blowing his load and when she admits that she spent the morning ‘baiting her way to three orgasms he almost seems sad that he might not be able to get her off. Spoiler alert: doggy always works! Normally it’s Jay who is eager to get to the fucking, but this week it seems like Jessica is more impatient than any of our previous ladies and she’s begging to get naked from the moment the cameras heat up. After getting relaxed and warmed up with some aggressive fingering and vibing, she shows us some more of her amazing blowjob technique. She uses both hands, gags herself, deep throats, she’s got all the moves. Jay even has her lay back on the bed for some throat fucking. When he flips her over for some real fucking, however, the fun really begins. Jay tried every position in his playbook to get her off and though it’s quiet, he finally liberates orgasm number four for the with some hard pounding in doggy. Fans of Ex Co Gi, this update is for you. We fit in just about every good thing we can manage including throat fucking, a huge facial (with swallowing!) and a girl who fucks Jay with her pussy and fucks you guys with her eyes. Luckily Jessica seems to love the site and Jay as much as we’re sure you’ll love her. She’s drawn a line in the sand that she won’t give up the butt on her first shoot, so she’s been invited back for anal and/or a three way. She’s excited and eager, so tune in next year to see Jessica’s balloon knot get popped on camera!

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