ExploitedCollegeGirls: Kat


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Kat 03.17.2016

With her C cup tits, bubble butt and hourglass shape, Kat definitely looks like she could be shaking her ass in a rap video, which, oddly is how she got into porn. After falling for a fake video casting ad at Casting Couch-HD, Kat found herself posing and then getting her ass tapped on camera and despite the false pretenses, turns out she likes getting fucked on camera. So, here she is at Ex Co Gi making a follow-up appearance. For a girl who gets turned on getting fucked under hot lights for a rather large audience, Kat seems a little nervous. Maybe she is, maybe that’s part of the turn on for her. If so, that’s actually kind of hot. Because Kat sure is. Kind of hot that is. She’s leggy and fit, has great tits and a face cute enough to star in a series of skincare ads. Alas, the only skincare Kat gets today is a free facial at the end, but you get the point. The shoot starts with a little behind the scenes as Kat strips off her work out gear to show her bod for the first time and explains to Jay that she spends a lot of time in the gym, which gives Jay a heck of an idea. He takes Kat on a field trip to the hotel gym hoping for a little oral work out, but all he manages to convince her to try is a shy public flash of her amazing C cups. Once back to the room, Kat loosens up and allows Jay to take control. She strips out of her skimpy outfit and tries a sex toy for the first time (well maybe, we all know girls lie.) First time or infinity-ith time, Kat loves the toy and after a quick orgasm, she’s wet and ready for the rest of the shoot. After getting pounded to orgasm after orgasm, Kat is eventually out of breath and possibly out of orgasms for the day. For a girl who claims to live in the gym, Kat sure seems weak on cardio. Fortunately for us, Jay isn’t. That boy hits the spin class. Since he’s not quite spent, he has Kat drop to her knees and suck him to completion which results in a great, gooey facial finale.

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