ExploitedCollegeGirls: Kayla


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Kayla (05.25.2017

Kayla just moved from New Mexico to Las Vegas to become a vet tech. Or blackjack dealer or stripper, whichever comes first, we think. It’s Vegas, you know? Besides, she just broke up with her boyfriend and she’s, let’s say, open for sexual adventures. So today’s porn shoot – Kayla’s first – may very well be part revenge on her ex. Hey, whatever it takes to get these girls in our beds.
Anyway, Kayla is a highly sexual person and confesses to masturbating every day. She has different dildos and a butt plugs at home which is always a good sign. In fact, after giving TC head in the car (because he’s the fricken man and gets ’em all to do this), she marches straight for the big box of sex toys in the hotel room and explores her options. She’s giddy with excitement – which of these things are going into her pussy today? We’ll see. First off we need to see if her claims of loving to give head is true. You can judge that for yourself but here’s a hint – yes, she loves to suck dick. After the car BJ, the interview, the toys (she love’s em) and the deep-throating and blowjob on the bed, TC nails this chick in every position he can think of and gives us some great angles. That dude not only has magic with the ladies, he’s getting better and better with his camera work too. We are very proud.
We realize that Kayla has some skin issues. It’s not something we were aware of prior to her shoot or we would have pushed her shoot back and sent her a few tubes of acne meds. But we hope Kayla’s enthusiasm for sex makes up for all that. And we realize some of you super-sleuths are going to catch the part where she says she likes anal – but then there’s no anal in her scene. That’s because many girls just aren’t comfortable to do anal on camera for their first porn. TC probes her ass a bit during reverse cowgirl and it’s clear her balloon knot needs a heck of a lot more preparation and stretching before it’s ready to take his big dick. This is Kayla’s first time doing porn. If you guys want her back for anal, we might be able to make that work, depending on if she’s still interested in sucking and fucking for the whole world to see. It just might not be a great move for her veterinarian tech career…

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