ExploitedCollegeGirls: Natalie


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Natalie (04.07.2016

The first thing you will notice about Natalie isn’t her perky little tits, it’s not even her firm ass, nor is it her delicious shaved pussy. The first thing you will notice about Nat is her giggly, awkward attitude. Yet underneath the awkwardness there’s a solid foundation of sassiness. Yes, folks, we’ve got a badass on our hands here. But don’t worry, if there’s one thing Jay does better than filming porn one handed it’s handling a girl with an attitude. Now, unlike the last few girls who snuck their way under the radar pretending to be first timers, Natalie was upfront and admitted that this isn’t her first shoot. She’s recently done a little self discovery and decided that the one thing missing from her goodie two shoes upbringing is a short career in porn. While we search high and low for true first timers, we don’t really have a problem with girls who have some experience. Because, hey, at least then know to look in the camera when they orgasm. This comes in handle for Natalie because Jay’s primary method of curing girls of attitude is fucking a few real, solid orgasms out of them. Things start off with some typical ‘behind the scenes’ as Jay gets to know Natalie during the car ride to the location and, as usual, it’s not long until he has his dick out for a little impromptu car head. You’ll quickly notice that maybe Natalie’s awkwardness is a bit of an act because this girl looks pretty darn comfortable with a dick in her mouth and a gearshift under her. Eventually they get back to the hotel and Natalie’s found her way into a slinky red dress that shows off her tight body and petite frame. Jay knows exactly how to shut down a girl with a bitchy attitude: take control and liberate a few orgasms from her. Jay commands Natalie to strip off her clothes and while she makes some half hearted protests he knows what to do and before long has her gasping and moaning as he fingers her to a big, initial O. Still in charge, Jay commands Natalie to her knees and lets her gag on his cock for a while. Now that she knows what’s what Natalie’s attitude changes completely and she really gets into the shoot. Jay pulls her up to the bed and before long he’s managed to fuck a second orgasm out of her. After pounding Nat in sideshow and then doggy, and getting her off with yet another intense, real orgasm Jay’s ready to finish. He has her get to the floor and suck him to a big facial finish where he even manages to splash a little in her mouth. In keeping with her attitude change she swallows it with a smile and then hops right up to check out her cum covered face in the mirror.

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