ExploitedCollegeGirls: Nikki


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Nikki (04.29.2016

Nikki is the perfect example of a modern young woman of 2016. She takes care of her hard little body, thinks porn might be a fun thing to try as a career starter and she loves anal sex, even if it hurts. Because anything worth doing, she tells us with pride, is worth seeing through to the end. Even if the end means Nikki’s rear end and seeing it through means taking a load of Jay jizz in the pooper. Looking at Nikki, you might try squinting JUST a bit and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that she bears a striking resemblance to Natalie Portman. So for the small part of the Ex Co Gi membership that’s been dying to see Nat step away from Hollywood to try hardcore porn with a heavy emphasis on buttfucking, you’re welcome; we live to serve. For the rest of you, stick to the fundamentals: hot little hardbody, no gag reflex, loves getting her adorable ass drilled. Jay starts off with his usual interview questions, doesn’t really strike gold, and makes the decision that something going INTO Nikki’s mouth might be better that what’s coming out of it so he has her drop to her knees and quickly discovers that this girl seems to be entirely unencumbered by a gag reflex as he sinks his dick all the way down her throat. Also, for the small part of the Ex Co Gi membership that’s been dying to see a sports referee get face fucked after making a bad call, you’re welcome; we still live to serve. However, after realizing that substantial anal was on the menu, Jay doesn’t waste too much more time. He tries a little manual stimulation and then adds a vibrator, but his goal is clearly to get that ass relaxed and lubed. Nikki seems to enjoy the process quite a bit and after trying out a new toy and letting Jay ply her with some preliminary vaginal sex, she’s ready and allows him generous access to her back door. He takes plenty of time capturing as many angles and positions as possible and for the ass men among the Ex co Gi faithful this is great stuff. He fucks her ass in reverse cowgirl, he pins her down and drills her butthole from behind and then he signs his work with a huge load of cum in her ass. Who says that young people today lack grit and determination? Obviously they haven’t met our Nikki! From her innocent sexiness to her tight pussy to her ability to take an hour long ass pounding, this girl really is something. We have no doubt that whatever career she decides to apply her deep throat and durable butthole to she’ll be a big success and loyal Ex Co Gi subscribers can pull up this video and think, “Wow, we knew her when…”
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