ExploitedCollegeGirls: Tayler


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Tayler (06.16.2016

During an ambush interview where she reveals some stuff about herself that she probably wouldn’t had she known that the camera was running, barely 18 year old Tayler confesses that she’s a bit nervous today. Obviously it’s her first time doing anything like this. But really, it was just a matter of time – her friend is none other than pervert sugarbaby Ashe, who is probably just about the worst influence on young Tayler. In a good way, obviously, at least for us. Tayler briefly turns the tides when she grabs one of the cameras as she ambushes TC coming out of the shower. But he reasserts his dominance quickly and makes our teen suck his cock as punishment (oh the horror LOL) before her video starts rolling in earnest. So what’s going on here? A super fresh 18 year old, a hotel, no bed, new dude. Well, TC – many of you know him from a certain other site – is filling in for a few shoots while Jay is on vacation. We’ll have a few other guest shooters lined up in the next few weeks, so there’ll be a different flavor to ExCoGi for a little while. Let us know if you like any particular guest shooter and we see if we can get him back. Or her. Yeah, hey never know, right? Anyway, about Tayler. She’s from Boston, is about to study Sociology in college, and has pierced natural 32 D boobies. Obviously she’s the girl-next-door-turned-porn-slut-by-her-whorish-friend- type. Oh you never heard of that? Well, today’s your lucky day then. Actually we have quite a few first timers here on ExCoGi that got turned on to the porn thing by their friends or roommates. If you want a rundown of positions now, forget it. TC is doing EVERYTHING. You can get a small taste by scrolling down to the video preview thumbs to get a taste. But he’s not taking breaks (unfortunately this means the lighting is..umm…less than optimal in some shots) and just fucks our cute teen in every which way possible like he’s the Energizer Bunny. For being fresh out of High School, Tayler is holding up pretty well though. We’ll see how she feels tomorrow when we talk her into fucking her friend Ashe. Yeah you read that right. It’s a GREAT week here!

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