FamilyStrokes: Bambi Brooks, An Ideal Employee

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FamilyStrokes: Bambi Brooks, An Ideal Employee / 04.29.2016

Bambi has been doing almost everything she can to show her daddy that she is ready to work full time. She shows up early, gets everything done, and is always ready to work harder and more efficiently! He just doesnt seem to be getting the message. After she consults her mom, she decides to go all out and give it one last try. First she xeroxes her tits and hands it to daddy with his requested files. He is so surprised! The smile he had let the devious Bambi know that maybe she was getting somewhere with this. Next, she discretely slips her panties off and spills a bunch of paper clips everywhere. As she bends down to get it her bubble butt and tight pussy are out in the air for everyone to see! Daddy calls Bambi over after that and starts to think out loud: Hmm, I wonder what it would be like to have my stepdaughter here full time… IT WOULD BE FUCKING AMAZING! She would gag on his cock until he forgets about the stresses of work and ride him around the office for the entire span of break time. It will definitely be a glorious business relationship. As she crouches under the desk to receive a fat gooey sack of the family fudge, she also finds out she landed the position! See, all in the family IS AN OUTSTANDING CONCEPT!

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