XXXPawn: Paying dues to get that ring back!

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XXXPawn: Paying dues to get that ring back! 12.05.2015

A happily married blonde walked in looking sexy as fuck. She’s trying to retrieve an engagement ring that was temporarily pawned for a loan and making payments on. Apparently she owes $160 and doesn’t have the money. Which means, no money, no ring. She was embarrassed that she had no money. To save her the humiliation in front of other customers, I took her back to the office to see what we can work out for her. I asked her if she wants the ring, Let me see some ass! She thought I was a scumbag and went on about how faithful she was to her husband. Apparently she needed the money bad. She got on her knees and sucked my dick good. Had me right! The I fucked that tight pussy good. Man oh man! That pussy was worth it.

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