GirlsDoPorn: 20 Years Old E356


GirlsDoPorn: 20 Years Old E356 / 02.27.2016

This adorable blonde enjoys sex quite a bit but doesn’t really know what to expect so she’s understandably a little nervous being here on Girls Do Porn doing her very first adult video. Most of the girls they get on the site are a little nervous to begin with but you always know that once the clothes come off so do the inhibitions and that’s just what happens with this hottie! First though she does her little introductory interview which is when we learn about what she’s studying in school, namely forensic toxicology! That’s a bit of a mouthful but basically it’s how the forensics labs on cop shows figure out what happened to dead people. So she’s not only drop dead gorgeous, she’s also got quite a head on her shoulders lol! Also she’s a self-described sex maniac, which is one heck of a combination…she’s pretty much split 50/50 in terms of fucking men and women, she just plain loves to fuck so hey she’s picked the perfect site to make her adult film debut am I right? After her introduction she’s right down on her knees with her perfectly-sized firm boobs out as she sucks the dude off, showing her blowjob technique but she wanted that dick in her tight wet pussy and she wanted it NOW so soon she whipped off her clothes and hopped on the bed to get that perfect pussy pounded hard! This girl is just flawless from head to toe, I am seriously blown away every week by how hot the Girls Do Porn chicks are but this girl is seriously above and beyond…take a look, you’ll see what I mean. She works out every day and that’s pretty apparent from her tight fit frame as she gets fucked in a bunch of different positons, loving every single one of them and finally taking a big load of cum in the mouth to swallow down!

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