HelplessTeens: Ashley Adams, Devil In A Black Dress


HelplessTeens: Ashley Adams, Devil In A Black Dress / 11.24.2015

“This new generation of teens is even more clueless than the last three. Take Ashley here. Hotter than hell, yet this teenage sexpot finds herself stranded in some godforsaken wasteland, dressed to the nines in a sexy, tight black dress, and sitting on the side of a dirt road sweating her tits off. And what magnificent tits Ashley has! Beautifully shaped, all natural and capped with a set of perky, pink nipples that look like candy. Ashley ain’t going to last long out here, but luckily, Bruno is out scavenging in the van and spots her. He offers her a ride, but insists she strip down to cool off. Ashley hesitates because she’s not wearing panties, dirty slut. When Bruno asks her to open her legs so he can stare at her luscious, meaty pussy, she really gets nervous. She should. We all know what Bruno does to little teases. He turns them into sex slaves through sexual humiliation and rough sex. That’s just what he does to slut Ashley, slapping her face, tying her hands with rope and forcing her to fingerbang herself. Next, he makes her give him a deepthroat blowjob before he tapes her mouth shut, and pounds her out like a chicken cutlet doggie style, missionary and cowgirl. He even fingers her asshole while fucking her doggie style to complete her submission. Great outdoor extreme teen sex only available on Helpless Teens. “

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Actors: Ashley Adams