HelplessTeens: Keely Jones Helpless Teens No Free Rides


HelplessTeens: Keely Jones Helpless Teens No Free Rides / 11.04.2015

There’s not much that is hotter than a sizzling Florida summer day, except perhaps a teenage girl who doesn’t know how hot she is… and that’s just the story with little blonde Keely Jones with her slamming, young body that was just made for fucking… rough, extreme fucking. Poor dumb Keely stole her boyfriend’s car while they were fighting, and then she broke down in the middle of nowhere on the most brutally hot day of the year without a cellphone. Now, she’s stuck hitchhiking, at the mercy of ANY lunatic who might happen along, but things are about to take an even more brutally hot turn than she ever could’ve imagined. Lucky for Keely, or perhaps NOT, a helpful stranger spots her helplessly standing in the road, sweating her sweet little tits off, and offers to give her a lift. Of course she has no money to pay him, and the nearest town is an hour away, so just how is Keely going to compensate our hero for his thoughtful gesture? Can you guess? Yes, with an involuntary blowjob, a dirty, sloppy deepthroat suck worthy of a big city whore twice Keely’s age. But not before he ties her hands and slaps her around a bit first, because she’s got it coming, yes she does. Next, he gives Keely the fuck of her young life in the back of the van, pounding her out to multiple orgasms both doggie and cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style. Watch her tiny, shaved pussy take that big hog. When he’s had his fun, he jacks a big load into her open mouth while making her say “No Free Rides.” Ah, nothing like being dominated and humiliated outdoors, huh Keely?

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