HelplessTeens: Madelyn Monroe, Kum Kegger Part 1 E37


HelplessTeens: Madelyn Monroe, Kum Kegger Part 1 E37 / 07.31.2016

These dumb fucking teenagers and their keg parties and bonfires in the woods. It’s amazing any of them live to adulthood. Madelyn Monroe is one of these silly teenage girls who could have easily ended up as another tragic statistic if it had not been for Bruno. You see, Madelyn was invited to a kegger in the woods, but ended up lost in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no chance of survival until she is rescued while hitchhiking by Bruno. He immediately takes notice of the tasty treats barely concealed in her short shorts and flimsy camisole. He tells her he will get her home safely if she does something for him. What the something is, Madelyn has no idea, but she goes along with it because she?s a dumb fucking teenager. What Bruno wants is rough sex. outdoor bondage and to totally dominate her, starting with an involuntary deepthroat blowjob. Of course, her wrists are bound with rope or it wouldn’t be extreme teen sex Bruno style. Madelyn gets her pussy fingerblasted and pounded into submission by Bruno in a half dozen humiliating positions.

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