PunishTeens: Stacey Leann, Getting Straightened Out

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PunishTeens: Stacey Leann, Getting Straightened Out / 05.17.2016

Stacey is one super rebellious teen. Her mom could no longer deal with her, so she got sent to her evangelical uncle Ike to straighten her out. He puts her right to work with arduous household chores, and Stacey is less than thrilled. Uncle Ike believes idle hands are the devils playground, so keeping Stacey busy will be the key to her transformation. One day after church, she just cant take it anymore. She flips out on her uncle and strips down right there in the foyer, while simultaneously telling Ike off. After shes done cursing him out, uncle Ikey shows Stacey how women like her should really be treated. He immediately takes his belt off and fastens it around her neck, making her feel like the hussy she truly is. He pulls her into the living room and proceeds to fuck the shit out of her naughty teen cunt. She doesnt think it will change her, but Ike being the christian man he is will not give up faith. The long intense pounding ensues, ending with a generous load of jizz all over her disrespectful lips. Uncle Ike says no more talking back, and if she lets that cum sit on her lips for long enough that might be her only option for the rest of her life!
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