TeensInTheWoods: Jade Jantzen, Satan’s Fuck Puppet E10


TeensInTheWoods: Jade Jantzen, Satan’s Fuck Puppet E10 / 10.26.2016

There’s nothing scarier than a creepy old cabin in the woods at night? except maybe three dopey teen sluts who party too much and read from black magic books over a sacrificial firre. Exactly what Satan and his demons are looking to inhabit, possess and turn into slaves. Haven’t any of these girls ever seen a horror movie? Thank goodness that there are faithful and righteous soldiers of the Lord like Ranger Brick to protect these wayward extreme teen sex sluts from dark supernatural, but there’s hell to pay for such spiritual recklessness, and Jade Jantzen finds out just how steep that price is. After deliberately conjuring a demon and watching her friend get possessed, Jade runs into the woods terrified. She finds Ranger Brick busy in his workshop making a new pulpit from which to spread the good word, and when Jade explains what she and her two friends did, he orders her to leave. She begs him to stay, and Brick finally relents, but not without extracting a heavy toll of humiliation and rough sex from Jade. First, he ties her hands with rope and vigorously fucks her mouth with his huge cock. She gags and chokes throughout the lengthy deepthroat blowjob, and then plugs his cock into her from behind and fucks her doggie style. Brick pounds the evil spirits out of Jade’s tainted pussy, but just to make sure, he fucks her cowgirl and spoon position before baptizing each of her eyes with a frothy tear of cum that will surely keep the devil away.

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Actors: Jade Jantzen